Motor Scrubber in the fight against Coronavirus

We have studied everything you need to know about Coronavirus, and how to clean throughout the outbreak and how to protect yourself and cleaning teams. We have only used reliable sources, and link to our findings, Centre for Disease Control, World Health Organization and Government guidelines.

Our range of machines are designed for professional use as a result of that we are offering the user faster cleaning while achieving outstanding results.

DMT System + Virus Control

Achieve outstanding hygiene results on your floors and surfaces, whilst saving time, effort and spending cost.

DMT Virus Control

Deep Clean

Use JET3's powerful, Targeted Spray-Scrub Technology to effortlessly released engrained dirt from floors, walls and stairs.



BLADE can either be used as a Power Squeegee to effortlessly direct dirty liquid into a floor drain, or be transformed into the ultimate mopping system, by simply attaching Ultra-Microfibre



For fast, targeted, disinfection, use STORM™ to quickly and effectively disinfect all common touch points.


Designed for all sectors

Make the commute more comfortable. Our machinery help achieve outstanding cleaning results, therefore making the journey more enjoyable for everyone.

Hotels & Leisure:
First impressions are lasting impressions. Our product range is designed to deliver outstandingly clean facilities for your guests and visitors.

We hit all marks

When hygiene and cleanliness matters the most, out machinery help you create a cleaner and healthier environment.

Maintain a high level of kitchen cleanliness for your customers and staff, with our range of machines.

Enhance your students learning environment and create an immaculately workspace with the help from our machine range.


Motor Scrubber
Storm (*Wand Only*)


The Storm is easy to use and lightweight offering up to 1 hr 50 minutes of continuous runtime, allowing large areas of disinfecting to be carried out on a full charge.

Motor Scrubber
Storm (*With Backpack*)


The Storm is easy to use and lightweight offering up to 1 hr 50 minutes of continuous runtime. Combine with the backpack, simply attach and away you go.

Motor Scrubber Bundle

Motor Scrubber Bundle
(*Storm, backpack and Jet3*)


A true force with the combination of all 3, storm wand, backpack and Jet3. Clean like never before and save on this huge deal. Simply attach and away you go.


Motor Scrubber


M3 – Deep clean confined and hard to reach areas, achieving outstanding cleaning results on any surface. Attach to the Motor scrubber backpack and be free to clean everywhere.

Handy No Background

Motor Scrubber


Versatile and easy to use hand-held scrubbing tool. This rechargeable multi-purpose cleaning tool is a must have for anyone, moving seamlessly between everyday tasks.

Motor Scrubber
Jet 3 Handheld Scrubber


On board chemical injection means 4x faster cleaning with the JET3. Designed to deep clean and polish any area, achieving like new results.


Motor Scrubber
Force Handheld Scrubber


Force delivers industrial cleaning performance on a small scale. Now you can deep clean 100% of your floor. The tool is Aluminium giving added strength.


Motor Scrubber
Blade 2 in 1 System

From £73.50

The 2 in 1, Power Squeegee & Ultra-Microfibre System, delivers powerful performance and unbeatable clean. Phenomenal pressure optimised deep cleaning.