Contract cleaning machines

Setting up a business as a cleaning contractor? Or maybe you’d like to improve your cleaning existing services?

Either way, high-quality contract cleaning machines are a worthwhile (if not essential) investment. After all, these are the machines that you need to do the job. And to impress and retain an extensive list of clients – whilst also maximising your profits – it’s important to have a comprehensive range of contract cleaning tools and equipment at your disposal.

This is where we can be of help, here at NWCE.

We currently have a large number of contract cleaning machines for you to choose from. All of which are affordable, efficient and versatile enough to use in a variety of sectors and environments. Take a look today.


Contract cleaning machines to suit your full list of clients

Whether you have a handful of new clients or hundreds of long-term contracts, it’s a good idea to have a range of contract cleaning equipment and tools in your kit.

You’ll find that our collection certainly covers the bases, featuring:

We also offer a range of advanced disinfecting cleaning machines. These are designed to quickly disinfect an area, killing off harmful germs and viral pathogens. As such, they’re becoming increasingly popular in sectors with strict health and safety regulations (e.g. healthcare, education).

Our services can be customised to meet your needs. If you prefer to buy outright, then no problem. But if you wish to hire – either on a short- or long-term basis – we can help with that too. You can choose to invest in one machine or several. It simply depends on your requirements. And if you’re unsure which options are best for you, we can pay you a visit and offer our tailored advice.


Ongoing maintenance and repairs for contract cleaning equipment

Rest assured, all of our contract cleaning machines are made by the best brands – including FIMAP, who are world-renowned for their innovative and quality designs. But to ensure they perform at their best, regular maintenance is recommended, particularly if they’re getting a lot of use.

That’s why we also offer our clients a range of professional service plans. These are available for a fixed price and include routine machine inspections – designed to check the condition of the equipment, ensure it meets operational compliance and identify any faults in the early stages.

What’s more, as part of these plans, we provide a rapid breakdown service.

If anything happens to go wrong with your equipment, we will respond within 24-48 hours, minimising the inconvenience and resolving the issue as quickly as possible. We understand; as a cleaning contractor, it’s important to uphold your reliable service. You don’t want to let your clients down – and as a company that puts customers first – we won’t let you down either.


Find out more about our contract cleaning machines

For more information on our contract cleaning machines, be sure to get in touch. We’re always happy to help and have detailed knowledge of all the equipment available in this range. Either give us a call on 01942 834132 or, to book a consultation, send an email to [email protected] and we’ll get back to you with a time and date.