Cleaning machines for the automotive industry

For any business in the automotive industry, an effective cleaning routine is essential.

From small repair shops and car dealerships to large-scale garages and automotive factories. Anywhere that comes into regular contact with motor vehicles is subject to continuous dirt and grime – and to ensure the safety of the environment, heavy-duty cleaning is an absolute must.

The question is: how do you maintain cleanliness, without breaking the bank?

This is where we can help, here at NWCE. We currently offer a broad range of ‘automotive cleaning machines’ that are perfect for use in this sector. All of which are affordable and will make light work of the cleaning in such a tough setting. So, why not find out more today?


Automotive cleaning equipment for all requirements

Whether you work in the development, manufacture, selling or repair of motor vehicles, we guarantee, we have the ideal machine to keep your premises safe, clean and free from grime. Our collection of automotive cleaning equipment covers all the bases and includes:

You can choose just one machine or several. And these can either be hired on a short-term or long-term basis or bought outright. It’s up to you. Essentially, our services can be tailored to meet the needs of your working environment and –whatever the nature of your business – a member of the team will visit the premises and advise on the best machine, size and model for the job.


Ongoing maintenance and repairs for your equipment maintenance and repairs

All of our garage cleaning machines are made by industry-leading brands (e.g. FIMAP, LAVOR, TOMCAT). And, as such, they’re of the highest quality and designed to last a very long time. But, to make sure they work at their optimum performance, regular maintenance is recommended.

That’s why, as a full turnkey supplier, we also offer a number of professional service plans. For a small monthly payment, our team of engineers will regularly inspect and service your equipment – ensuring it stays in top condition, preventing any faults and avoiding unnecessary downtime. 

In addition, these plans also include a guaranteed emergency response within 24-72 hours. If something happened to go wrong with your machine, we will attend your premises, and identify and resolve the issue as quickly as we can. We understand, time is money (particularly within the automotive industry!) and our team will ensure your machine is back up and running in no time.


Find out more about our garage cleaning equipment

For more information on automotive and garage cleaning equipment, be sure to get in touch.  We have detailed knowledge of the machines currently available and we’re always happy to answer your questions. Either give us a call on 01942 834132, or to book a free site survey and demonstration, send an email to [email protected] and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Unfortunately, dust, dirt and grime are unavoidable in the automotive industry. But if you’d like a cost-effective and efficient way of keeping it under control, we have the solution.