Floor Polishers & Buffers

A Floor Polisher Machine for any hard floor cleaning tasks. Floor buffers or single disk rotary machines as they are commonly called, are used for a variety of floor maintenance and restorative purposes.

You have the ability to strip floors, scrub and clean floors, and buff and shine all types of hard floor surfaces. Use a floor polisher with a black pad to strip floor finishes off vinyl floors and linoleum typically found in schools, universities and hospitals in every city in the UK.


Floor Polisher Machines For Sale 

Our floor machine range offers new and used machines for sale with a wide variety of accessories. Choose from a low speed floor machine for daily cleaning, standard speed with 400 RPM for cleaning and enhancing floor finishes, and Ultra high speed machines that offer the highest polishing performance to cover a floor polishing solution for virtually every floor cleaning task in the workplace.


Floor Polisher Machine For Hire

NWCE has a floor machine for both short & long term hire. 
For advice on choosing the right floor buffer for hire, please contact us on 01942 466258.
Floor Polisher Hire