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Fimap E-spray


Fimap E-Spray is a professional disinfectant sprayer that offers a quick solution for total disinfection control.

Fimap E-spray


Fimap E-Spray is a professional disinfectant sprayer that offers a quick solution for total disinfection control.

E-Spray is lightweight and very comfortable, powered by a lithium battery that allows you to carry out hygienization for several hours, freely and anywhere, without being tied down by a cable. The solution is sprayed in very small and light drops, which reach every point of the area to be treated and settle effectively.

Nozzle: 0.3mm

Tank: 1 Litre

Battery: 18V Lithium

Ergonomic Handle

Electrostatic charge (ON/OFF)

Attachments for backpack/cross body strap


417 x 90 x 290 cm



We will ship out within 24hours of order confirmation.

Units 2-3,
Appleton Street,
WN3 4BZ 
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When the liquid is sprayed without an electrostatic charge, the particles join together to form droplets of various sizes, so the distribution is uneven, and drips can follow. Also, the liquid only settles within the spray range, leaving other areas uncovered.

The non-electrostatic version of E-Spray is suited for those who are looking for a professional product to spray disinfectant solutions on small portions of surfaces without the need for a 360-degree sanitizing coverage. It is recommended for short interventions on small, mainly flat areas in restaurants, small hotels, wellness centers, medical offices. In addition to disinfectant solutions, it can also be used for spraying deodorants, fertilizers and pesticides.

The lithium-ion battery provides great convenience, allowing to move anywhere without being tied down by a cable. It is possible to carry out several interventions, always carrying E-Spray with you, even changing environment, and sanitize up to 8 hours continuously.

* (with optional battery 18V / 4Ah)

The optional Long-Range backpack contains a 2-liter bag tank. This means that twice as much disinfectant solution is available as in the standard 1-liter tank. It is useful for long sanitizing operations, when it’s not possible to refill the tank while moving from one space to another. It is equipped with adjustable straps for a better fit to the body. It can be attached to the gun via an elastic strap which optimizes the weight distribution.


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