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man cleaning the workplace in coronavirus pandemic

man cleaning the workplace in coronavirus pandemic

Getting ready to re-open your business following lockdown?

You must prepare and ensure it’s safe for your employees to return. This will involve putting social distancing measures in place, supplying personal protective equipment (PPE) where necessary, conducting regular health screenings and – of course – adhering to a scrupulous cleaning regime.

Due to COVID-19, workplace cleaning has never been so important. It now has life and death implications. The government has set out clear guidance for each sector and, if there is a known or suspected case, you should refer to their recent publication ‘Cleaning in Non-Healthcare Settings’. But, as experts in this area, we thought we’d offer a simple guide on the steps you need to take.


1. Assess the risks

First things first, you should conduct a thorough ‘workplace cleaning’ risk assessment. This will give you a better understanding of what needs to be cleaned throughout the premises and how often.

Think carefully about what type of work activity might encourage the transmission of the virus. How likely is it for someone to be exposed in a certain area? You should also try to identify any surfaces that are frequently touched and make a list. For most businesses, this will include:

  • desks and workstations
  • handles on doors, windows, rails, dispensers, water coolers etc.
  • computer keyboards, printers, touchscreens, monitors and phones
  • shared equipment (such as tools, machinery, vehicles)
  • taps, kettles, fridges, microwaves and cupboards


2. Invest in cleaning equipment

To clean the workplace properly, you will then need to obtain the correct supplies.

Disinfectant is essential. Unlike cleaning solutions (which simply remove dirt and grime), disinfectant uses chemicals to kill COVID-19 and other viral pathogens found on surfaces. One option is to invest in a disinfecting cleaning machine, such as the MotorScrubber Stormer, available at NWCE. This combines state-of-the-art technology with two revolutionary disinfection solutions (i.e. Tersano Lotus Pro, Zoono Antimicrobial Shield) and kills 99.999% of viruses for up to 30 days.

You will also need to stock up on day-to-day cleaning equipment, such as disposable gloves and aprons, microfibre cloths, as well as soap and sanitiser for washing your hands after cleaning.

products used to clean the workplace

3. Deep clean the premises

Before reopening, it is vital that you conduct a deep clean of the entire workplace.

This involves thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting all areas and surfaces, paying particularly close attention to those which are visited or touched on a frequent basis. We recommend using a combination of different cleaning equipment and solutions and – once you have reopened and employees have returned – it’s important to repeat the deep clean at least once every day.


4. Conduct periodic cleaning

Aside from conducting a daily deep clean, you should also clean the workplace periodically throughout the day. If possible, try to clean items and work areas immediately after each use. But if this isn’t possible, ensure the most commonly touched surfaces are disinfected at regular intervals, perhaps by creating a cleaning schedule or setting a reminder on your mobile phone.

Any waste should also be removed as soon as possible and tied securely inside a plastic rubbish bag.


5. Educate your employees

Lastly, it’s important that your employees co-operate with the new cleaning plan.

Therefore, on their first day back, explain the regime and try to answer any questions they may have. Encourage them to wash their hands on a frequent basis and put up posters around your premises, which remind them to clean regularly and practice effective handwashing techniques.

It’s also a good idea to ask them to put any rubbish in the bin and clear their workstation at the end of a shift. This will ensure the deep cleaning session can be as efficient and effective as possible.


video consultations to discuss workplace cleaning


Contact the cleaning experts today

When it comes to workplace cleaning, adjusting to the ‘new normal’ doesn’t have to be difficult. It’s simply a case of planning ahead and investing in the right cleaning equipment. But if you’re unsure on how to comply with government guidelines, why not book a session with one of our experts?

We’re currently offering a free video consultation via Zoom, Whatsapp or Facetime. Not only can we provide tailored advice for your business, we can also talk you through the products in our COVID-19 Combat Collection – and explain how they work together to create a safe environment for your staff.

To book yours, either fill out the online form on our COVID Combat page or send an email to enquiries@northwestcleaningequipment.co.uk and we’ll get back to you with a time and date.




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