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Social distancing measures are not enough to protect your place of work and your work place people.

On-going Cleaning Routine.

Depending upon the size and scale of your operation, along with the nature of your day to day business and your sector specific conditions, we will establish a blueprint consisting of the recommended equipment and active agents for maximum effectiveness. We will then reccé all work areas to identify high risk pinchpoints, high traffic thoroughfares, passing points, high touch-points and communal gathering locations. We’ll then devise a routine that enables your operation to continue with the least disruption possible and the most effective execution.

Disinfect Day One.

Either through the use of one of our equipment categories, or, dependent upon the scale of your operation, by hand, your cleaning routine should take place as often as is required based upon the nature of your activities. We will recommend the most appropriate cleaning detergents, soaps and disinfectants for the job and can help you work out a cost effective solution. We will also demonstrate the benefits of using stabilised aqueous ozone (SAOTM). Converting water into SAOTM, a powerful, chemical free, safe & envronmentally friendly cleaner / disinfectant, replaces the need for conventional chemicals and can provide significant cost savings in many workplace settings.

Long Lasting Protection.

On day one of your cleaning process, use an Anti-Microbial Active Agent creating a protective barrier that conventional disinfectants cannot achieve. This provides long lasting, pro-active germ and virus protection on all high touch-point high risk surfaces. Carry out routine cleaning as often as is needed to keep your workplace visibly clean, then re-apply periodically. This method delivers a cost-effective solution that reduces the use of costly conventional cleaning disinfectants and greatly reduces labour.

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