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Fimap Maxima Walk Behind Scrubber

Fimap Maxima Walk Behind Scrubber

The Fimap Maxima Scrubber Dryers are tough, durable and reliable floor cleaners. It offers a machine choice for most types of daily cleaning applications.

The Fimap Maxima is a sturdy scrubbing machine built with the best components and a striking design. This is a machine made to last, made with durable components. Due to this, it does reduce maintenance costs. It is also made with high-quality components. Because of this, the machine has a lot of flexibility in terms of configurations you can get for it. This modal is available with disc or cylindrical brushes or as an orbital scrubber. There are three versions, basic, pro and plus.

As it is battery powered, you need 24v batteries. It can run up to 4 hours in one charge. The solution tank has a capacity of 60 litres. The recovery tank has a capacity of 65 litres. The dimensions of this machine are; 1095mm in height, 712mm in width and 1295mm in length. The working width of the brushes are 510mm. The squeegee width is 710mm.

You can save time and reduce costs by using this machine. Also, its incredibly easy to use, with on-board video tutorials, which ensure an easy and safe operation. Because of this, there is no further training required.

The Fimap Maxima is suitable for cleaning supermarkets, warehouses, production areas, gyms, showrooms and workshops.

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  • Surfaces (sq.m./ft2) = 1600 – 1800 / 17222 – 19375
  • Type of cleaning system = Maintenance / Hard cleaning
  • Working width = 510 mm
  • Squeegee width = 710 mm
  • Power supply = 24v Batteries
  • Solution tank capacity = 60 litres
  • Recovery tank capacity = 65 litres
  • Height = 1095 mm
  • Width = 7120 mm
  • Length = 12950 mm
  • Sturdy design reduces breakdowns
  • Aluminium and polyethylene enhances machine reliability
  • Lasts up to 4 hours in one charge
  • Video tutorials
  • Color coded machine parts for easy maintenance
  • Power mode
  • Touch screen display
  • Cruise control
  • Electrobrake
  • LED headlights

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Units 2-3,
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Main Features

  • Sturdy design reduces breakdowns
  • Aluminium and polyethylene enhances machine reliability
  • Lasts up to 4 hours in one charge
  • Power mode
  • Cruise control

Additional information

Product Type

Scrubber Dryer


Up to 2000m²


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Disc brushes are the most versatile type of brush head, that can adapt to any type of environment and surface. The scrubbing machine with disc brushes can be used on any hard floor, easily removing even stubborn dirt thanks to the adjustable pressure. In models with one disc brush, the detergent solution emerges from the center of the brush, ensuring even cleaning with reduced water consumption. In models with two brushes on the other hand, it’s FWF – Fimap Water Flow technology that guarantees an even distribution of the water on both brushes, avoiding any waste of water and detergent.

The cylindrical brush head consists of two counter-rotating cylindrical brushes that not only scrub but also make a light sweeping action. The sweeping action removes small, solid, non-adherent residue and collects it in a drawer installed at the rear of the brush head, which is removable for emptying. This type of brush head is recommended for hard floors (even structured, uneven or non-slip).

The bristles clean deep down, guaranteeing optimum results even where there are wide gaps. Given the high specific pressure and the notable rotation speed, it’s more suited to resistant floors not protected with a polymer film (wax). The counter-rotating movement keeps the detergent solution inside the scrubbing area, increasing efficacy yet ensuring low water consumption.

The brush head consists of a rectangular pad that oscillates crosswise in relation to the direction of machine movement. The orbital movement ensures excellent, uniform results across the entire surface as every point of the pad is in constant contact with the floor. This type of brush head is ideal when working on structured floors or those with wide gaps.

The efficacy of the mechanical action, combined with the use of abrasive pads, minimizes the use of detergents, in particular the most aggressive ones rich in VOC (volatile components).

A basic, simple panel with graphic instructions for a quick start-up. A digital indicator shows the battery charge level and the working hours.

The frame, brush head and squeegee mount and body are made of aluminum. This material ensures robustness and resistance to corrosion for the internal structure. In addition, it’s a lightweight material so it doesn’t affect the weight of the machine, which is therefore maneuverable and easy to transport.

The rounded form protects all the mechanical parts inside, reducing the risk of damage from accidental impact. Its elegant design, that leaves no parts uncovered, makes the Maxima scrubbing machine ideal for use even during the day in busy places like supermarkets, integrating perfectly with the surrounding environment.

Parts which must be cleaned regularly at the end of every shift are color-coded in yellow. This is a very simple solution that reminds the operator how to carry out correct machine maintenance.

In this way, constant excellent performance is guaranteed over time, and malfunctions are reduced.

Comfortable and practical driving position.

The seat boasts ergonomic forms offering effective back support, and also features forwards and backwards adjustment. This equates to a stress-free experience for the operator, who can work for hours on end without any effort. The design of the front maximizes the room for the legs and brings the steering wheel closer to the operator, making the machine even more comfortable to use. The footrest zone is designed to offer impressive space for the feet, despite the compact dimensions of the machine.

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