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Walk Behind Scrubber Dryer Range

Breathe new life into your cleaning operation with our high-quality walk behind scrubber dryers.

Highly engineered cleaning equipment is an essential component for any modern cleaning project where the highest cleaning standards need maintaining.

You have a choice of machines with cutting edge modern design, perfect for cleaning indoor areas in commercial, retail, leisure, education, healthcare and industrial cleaning applications.

From mains powered small walk behind scrubber dryers for use in confined spaces such as canteens, kitchens, changing rooms, right up to larger walk behind machines operating in bus depots, shopping centres, engineering workshops, warehouses, you cant help but find the right solution.

Try before you buy! Make sure you are completely satisfied with your floor cleaner choice by taking a free machine site demonstration or our 7 day trial hire offer.

Our walk behind floor cleaners come with a wide choice of brushes, pads and our own range of cleaning detergents designed for use in all our scrubber machines.

If you need a flexible choice of machines for any sized budget, our used floor cleaners are available for sale or hire.

You can simply fill in the enquiry form to get a price. Or alternatively, call us on 01942 466258 if you need any help or advice.

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Battery Powered Single Disk 50 cm Scrubber Dryer. Ideal for areas of 1400 - 3000 m²


Battery Scrubber Dryer. Disk & Cylindrical Deck options. Ideal for areas up to 4800 - 5500 m²

FIMAP MxL orbital

Battery Scrubber. The latest orbital brush technology. 70 cm cleaning path. Clean 4800 - 5500 m².


The Walk Behind Scrubber Dryers in our range have been designed with the operator in mind. All of our walk behind scrubbers are easy to handle and simple to use. So this results in minimal training that is needed for the operator. They are also comfortable to hold. The dryers in our range have been carefully designed to improve productivity. They are ideal for maintenance cleaning with no wastage.

The dryers have been constructed to high quality standards. Because of this, all of our dryers are strong and reliable. As a result, this offers years of long term service, which can help to reduce site cleaning costs.

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