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Professional Hand Held Scrubbers

Handheld Scrubbers

Need to clean a small space at an industrial level?

A handheld scrubber is the solution. And, here at NWCE, we have an excellent selection for you to choose from – with the ideal device for all cleaning applications, sectors and environments.

All of our handheld scrubbing machines are designed to be lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. Yet despite this, they successfully deliver an industrial-grade cleaning performance, fitting into the tightest spaces and achieving ‘like new’ results – every time. Each machine is available to rent or buy for a competitive price and comes with an extended five-year warranty for your peace of mind.

Take a closer look at the options available and – to find out more – click one of the options below.


Handheld scrubbing machines to suit all businesses

We understand, your cleaning requirements are unique to your business. Which is why, our handheld floor scrubbers are designed to be as versatile as possible. Not only can they be adapted to suit the job at hand – using a range of interchangeable brushes and pads – they can also be combined with other machines, allowing you to clean and disinfect floors, walls and more.

To help identify the most suitable options for you, a member of our team will attend your site and provide a free consultation. As experts in the field, they can assess your individual requirements and advise on the best handheld power scrubber to meet your operational and financial needs. 

They will also demonstrate exactly how the equipment works and, if you wish, can arrange a 7-day ‘trial hire’. For a small rental cost, you can try out the device and make an informed decision on whether it’s right for you. If it is and you decide to go ahead, the rental cost will then be refunded.

Built to the highest standards, our handheld scrubbers are guaranteed to provide years of trouble-free use. With onboard solution injection and fantastic run times, they effortlessly tackle dirt, grime and pathogens and give you the freedom to clean any area – at a deep, industrial level.

So, why not browse the range today? And, to book your site survey,  call 01942 834132.

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