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The power of the big machines and the agility of the small ones.

fimap maxima

The Fimap Maxima Scrubber Dryers are tough, durable and reliable floor cleaners. It offers a machine choice for most types of daily cleaning applications.

Fimap MXL Walk Behind Scrubber

The Fimap MXL Scrubber Dryers are designed for ease of use and the safety of your cleaning staff, with the power and performance to clean the toughest grime.

Disc brushes are the most versatile type of brush head, that can adapt to any type of environment and surface. The scrubbing machine with disc brushes can be used on any hard floor, easily removing even stubborn dirt thanks to the adjustable pressure. The FWF – Fimap Water Flow technology guarantees an even distribution of the water on both brushes, ensuring uniform cleaning and avoiding any wastage of water and detergent. The MxL brush head is equipped with splash guards that keep the water inside the work area, preventing splashes that could compromise the quality of the end result.

The Power Mode button increases the scrubbing power for a limited period of time. It’s handy for dealing with an unexpectedly dirty area, because the operator only needs to press a single button to simultaneously bring all the parameters to their maximum value for the time needed to remove the dirt, and then automatically revert back to the initial configuration. In this way, the cleaning operations are always effective but without using more resources than necessary.

The frame, brush head and squeegee mount and body are made of aluminum. This material ensures robustness and resistance to corrosion for the internal structure. In addition, it’s a lightweight material so it doesn’t affect the weight of the machine, which is therefore manoeuvrable and easy to transport.

Parts which must be cleaned regularly at the end of every shift are color-coded in yellow. This is a very simple solution that reminds the operator how to carry out correct machine maintenance. In this way, constant excellent performance is guaranteed over time, and malfunctions are reduced.

Made to last!

Maxima & MXL are robust scrubbing machines made with the best components shaped in a striking design.

Meticulous attention to design and the use of top-quality materials have produced resistant, reliable models that will last over time, reducing the costs throughout its life cycle.
With both machines, you really can create your ideal scrubbing machine: choose the model and instrument panel, then enhance it with the most suitable accessories for your specific requirements

Ideal for cleaning : supermarkets, warehouses, production sites, gyms, car showrooms and workshops.

The perfect machine for medium businesses.

There is nothing better...

A scrubbing machine inspires a sense of safety and control, thanks to the harmonious and balanced design that promises a user experience out of the ordinary. They posses the power you need to work in any environment and under the most challenging conditions, as a result of its careful design, which combines high-performance components with the most advanced technology. As soon as you turn it on, you can feel the value of a machine created to enhance the professional results of every cleaning operation, with innovative features that provide operators with all the tools necessary to complete their work successfully.

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