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The Fimap Magna Ride On Scrubber Dryer is designed for medium to large commercial, retail and industrial applications where heavy duty machines are required.

The Fimap MMG is a battery powered Ride On Scrubber Dryer that is the best at delivering results in small or medium environments on hard floor surfaces.

Fimap BMG Ride On Scrubber

The small dimensions are balanced by the carefully studied spaces, which ensure exceptional comfort during work. Its design facilitates every movement.

Top quality machines, perfect for large areas.​

Our ride-on scrubbing machines place the operator at the centre, protecting him/her within a robust structure and ensuring that a comfortable, practical space surrounds him/her. The size of every model in the ride on scrubber range conveys its performance power and solidity externally, designed for the most demanding environments. The technology onboard improves the user experience and increases interaction, given that there are more functions and programs to reduce consumption, optimise cleaning performance times and lower cleaning costs.
Eco Mode is a quiet work configuration with lower energy consumption. For frequent or maintenance cleaning, it guarantees sustainable operations by reducing the use of water, detergent and energy.
The low noise level allows our scrubbing machines to be used even during the opening hours of supermarkets, shopping centres, hospitals, warehousing and all noise-sensitive workplaces, without disturbing the people around.
With the iD intelligent fleet management system, the operator can interact in a completely different way via a touch screen display. Everything is accessible, user-friendly and fast, just like with a smartphone.

Small in its dimensions, but not in its performance

All size dimensions on every ride-on scrubber dryer in the range have been carefully designed by studying workplace spaces, ensuring exceptional comfort and performance during work. Their design facilitates every movement, while intelligent technology makes using the functions user-friendly and intuitive. Fimap designed each model from an extraordinary study that has enabled the same features and options present on larger models to be integrated into smaller machines, creating a scrubbing machine range of little and large powerhouses.

The BMg compact ride-on machine comes with one or two disc brushes, or in the orbital version with a rectangular pad. 
Configure every model in the range to your exact requirement, with all machines available in Pro and Plus versions.
The polyethylene structure leaves no part exposed and protects all the components inside for long-life use, durability and low maintenance costs.

Ideal for the cluttered places typically found in the hotel sector, wellness centers, gyms, supermarkets and schools.

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