Industrial Floor Cleaners

Whether you are looking for an industrial floor cleaner to buy or hire, you have a great choice of industrial cleaning equipment to support your floor maintenance program.

If your workplace is a challenging environment, trying to maintain good housekeeping practices and keep your premises clean and safe for employees and visitors alike, having the right tools for the task can certainly help to make a world of difference.

In any modern construction site, manufacturing plant or warehousing operation, having an efficient and economical floor maintenance program supports your operational efficiency.

So having the right tools to do the job is of paramount importance in any typical industrial facility.

Our industrial floor cleaner range includes a cleaning machine for virtually any type of industrial cleaning task found across your business, inside and out.

Our own top-quality industrial floor cleaner liquid developed in-house, complements our industrial floor scrubber dryer machines to guarantee the best cleaning performance on any type of industrial hard floor. When you have to deal with fork-lift tyre marks, our eco-friendly tyre mark remover detergent is effective at removing the heaviest of built up tyre marks on concrete and painted resin floors.

Both these cleaning products have been designed for cleaning and degreasing tasks, using our industrial floor scrubbers and industrial steam cleaner machines, and highly effective for those heavy-duty deep cleaning tasks.

Our full range of brand new and used industrial floor cleaners are available for sale or hire at the best industry prices.

We hold a large selection of industrial floor cleaning machines in stock guaranteeing you a fast delivery.

If you need an effective cleaning solution for your company, NWCE offers 25 years industry experience helping our customers improve their housekeeping operation.

Arrange a free site survey and machine demonstration, and we promise to find you the best machine deal in the North. 

Call 01942 466258 or request a quote and free demo below.

For more help, check out our floor cleaner guide here.

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