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i-mop XL Scrubber Dryer

Brand: iMop

i-mop XL Scrubber Dryer


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The first of its kind, the i-mop solves the problems of floor cleaning systems by combining the flexibility of a floor mop with the power and speed of industrial scrubber driers.

The first of its kind, the i-mop solves the problems of floor cleaning systems by combining the flexibility of a mop with the power and speed of industrial strength scrubber dryers. The i-mop makes it possible to clean any surface with freedom of movement and a great sense of ease. No borders or boundaries.  This floor cleaning machine isn’t just designed for cleaning, it’s designed for cleaners too.

Floating ball system.
Battery safety guard.
Control panel.
Slash guards.
Electronic switch.
Timer display.

  • Larger scrub deck and new power management system
  • Clean up to 1300 square meters in just one hour
  • 46cm cleaning path
  • 2 motors
  • Cleans right up to the edge
  • Clean underneath objects easily
  • Easy to fill, clean and empty the water tank above a sink
  • Use different tanks for different chemicals
  • Li Ion battery –  1 hour re charge
  • Fits in normal vehicles with transport wheels
  • Easy storage
  • Easily lift upstairs

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Units 2-3,
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WN1 4BZ 
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i-mop XL Scrubber Dryer

We found that mops and buckets are still cleaning most areas because other floor machines are just not flexible enough to work in most spaces.
The imop XL scrubber dryer makes it possible to clean any surface, with freedom of movement and great ease of use in cluttered spaces. No borders or boundaries.

This machine isn’t just designed for cleaning. It is designed for the cleaner.

At North West Cleaning Equipment we serve the whole of the UK with high-quality, authentic cleaning supplies like the i-mop XL Scrubber Dryer, from a range of brands like Fimap, Motor Scrubber, Lavor, Truvox, Kerstar, Matrix, Tomcat, I-Mop. Whether you are looking to buy or hire Professional Cleaning Equipment, Industrial Cleaning Equipment, or Commercial Cleaning Equipment we have a large choice for everyone. Cleaning supplies are required by every industry that wants its staff to operate in the cleanest environment possible.

As one of the leading cleaning equipment companies, if you need any advice or help in choosing the right product for you we can help. We make sure that you get the right machine for your cleaning work. We have the best quality machines and equipment for sale or hire in Birmingham, Sheffield, Manchester, Wrexham, Doncaster, Stoke, Derby, Liverpool, Wolverhampton, Nottingham, Wakefield, Bradford, Preston, Chester, and many other locations in the UK. We provide the best solutions to your cleaning challenges by offering a wide range of cleaning equipment. We have solutions for cleaning small areas easily and fast as well as equipment for cleaning medium to large areas having the toughest grime.

Some of our amazing product range includes Floor Sweepers, Steam Cleaners, Floor Buffers/Polishers, Industrial Carpet Cleaners, Industrial Vacuum, Scrubber Dryers, Ride On Scrubber Dryer, Cleaning Chemicals. We have a wide range of cleaning equipment which are efficient, effective and easy to use. Contact us to know more about our entire product range and we can provide free site surveys to ensure you get the best possible product recommendation in the most cost-effective way, and we will bring equipment along to demonstrate, giving you a clear understanding of the recommended solution.



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