Floor Cleaner Machine Finder

To help you find the right floor cleaner machine, our floor cleaner selection tool will point you in the right direction in finding the best floor sweeper and floor scrubber to deal with your everyday cleaning tasks around the workplace.

To collect dry dust and debris, choose the Floor Sweeper Menu and follow the steps.

If you need to scrub and wet your floors, choose the Floor Scrubber menu and follow the steps.

If you prefer to speak to someone or need a different type of cleaning machine, please call us on 01942 466258 or complete the enquiry form below.

Use the drop-downs below to find your ideal machine.

Step 1: Select the type of machine(Floor Sweeper or Scrubber Dryer)

Go to Step 2: Choose the range you will need your machine to cover (in m²)

Finish With Step 3: If you select a floor sweeper, you can select whether you want a machine that covers indoors, outdoors or both.

Reset: Reset the drop-downs if you wish to restart.

The results will display a machine or choice of machines that best match your requirements. Then finally view the selected products in more detail or simply enquire and we will respond quickly.

Floor Cleaner Machine Enquiry Form

If you need expert advice on the right cleaning machine, we are here to help.

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