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It's more important than ever to bear in mind what your members will value most when returning to your gym during these unprecedented times. Demonstrating high hygiene levels and applying your facility's Cleaning and Disinfection methods correctly will send the right message to your members and give them a feeling of security and confidence.
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It’s more important than ever to bear in mind what your members will value most when returning to your gym during these unprecedented times. 
Demonstrating high hygiene levels. Applying your facility’s Cleaning and Disinfection methods correctly will send the right message to your members. Give them a feeling of security and confidence.
To help get ready for reopening, we have put together all the necessary measures to ensure that your floors and surfaces are correctly cleaned and disinfected and help reduce the potential risk of infection. This is key to maintain a safe, clean, healthy gym environment when your back up and running.
As we all know, the Coronavirus spreads from person to person. Government recommendations to prevent infection include regular hand washing, wearing face masks, and maintaining safe social distancing.


However, these measures may not be enough to ensure your facility is free of CORONAVIRUS that causes COVID-19.  
Therefore, we have created a guide with a list of suitable disinfectant cleaners, cleaning equipment and disinfection methods to help control and prevent the spread of Covornavirus and other germs and bacteria found in gyms.
Before you go out and buy your equipment and disinfectant products, some vital elements to consider first:
  • Some Disinfectants are ineffective. So please take care when choosing the right products to use. Cleaning detergents help to remove germs and pathogens but do not kill or destroy them. So Cleaning MUST be followed by disinfecting to ensure complete elimination of viruses & germs. (Including Coronavirus)
  • We strongly advise against using bleach. Although it can be effective when used at the correct dilution rate, it is very damaging to certain materials in a gym facility. It also creates toxic odours that can cause respiratory problems.
  • Always make sure you clean first, then disinfect, as disinfectants work best on surfaces clear of dust, body fats, and grime.
1. Firstly, before you open your doors, clean all surfaces. This is including all equipment and materials used throughout your facility. The deep clean will ensure that all surfaces and equipment are clean to help with your ongoing Cleaning and disinfection routines that will need to be in place as part of your daily methods of keeping your gym safe.
2. Remove any loose dust that may have accumulated during the closure, as this can be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria.
3. The next step is to create a cleaning & disinfecting plan to reduce infection risk from contact with all the different surfaces throughout the facility. Bear in mind; Coronavirus can survive on surfaces for differing lengths of time and focus on the frequency of how often a surface is touched. Zone your touchpoints in order of importance using a traffic light warning system. Red for the highest touchpoints, moving to green for less critical surfaces. If you want some help creating your Cleaning and Disinfecting plan, contact us on 01942 834132 to email us at info@nwcleaningequipment.co.uk
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Changing Rooms & Showers. Use a cleaner disinfectant for showers, changing room lockers, walls, floors. See products below.
Gym Equipment & Studios. Weights, weight lifting machines, bikes, cross trainers all need to be kept clean and disinfected after every use. Use our recommended antiviral disinfectant cleaner as detailed below.
Floors & Matting. In the gym, floors are a critical surface that requires Cleaning & Disinfecting. You have a list detailed below on the recommended cleaning equipment, detergents and disinfectants to help keep your floor surfaces clean and safe. Our recommendation would be to clean your floor surfaces after every group session, carry out a thorough clean using a suitable floor cleaning machine at least every day, and carry out disinfection at the end of each day.
Methods of Cleaning & disinfectingWhen wiping down ideally, use disposable paper towels or microfibre cloths. Use once to clean a general area and dispose of all towels in a sealed garbage bag to avoid contamination. When using washable microfibre cloths, please put them in a sealed garbage bag and wash them at 70 degrees Celcius. Try not to touch the cloths and thoroughly wash your hands to avoid cross-contamination. 
Disinfecting high touchpoints : (Red Zones)
Using the Fimap E-Sprayer to create a perfect liquid layer of disinfectant on all high touchpoints will help to ensure the surface is clean and reduce disinfectant costs significantly as the electrostatic sprayer deposits an extremely fine mist to the surface.
Wiping Method: Use Cleantrhu Anti Viral Spray & Wipe Disinfectant Cleaner. You can buy in ready to use 750ml trigger bottle sprayers or in 5L bottles diluted to 1:50, killing Coronavirus in 60 seconds for a quick, effective method of disinfecting.
Frequency: After every session or as an ongoing practice.
CLEANTHRU ANTI VIRAL SPRAY & WIPE DISINFECTANT CLEANER  – Suitable to use on all surfaces and equipment for wiping down and disinfecting using the E-Sprayer. This product is a broad-spectrum cleaner disinfectant, tested to kill Coronavirus within 60 seconds.
Available in 
6x750ml Ready to Use Trigger Sprayers – ORDER HERE
2x5L Concentrate Bottles – ORDER HERE
Safety Data Sheets & Product information Sheets are downloadable via the links on the products.
CLEANTHRU NEUTRAL PLUS FLOOR SCRUBBER DETERGENT – Ideal for cleaning the floors daily leaves no residue on the floor surface. Prepares the floor surface for disinfecting.
2x5L Bottles – ORDER HERE
FIMAP E-SPRAY ELECTROSTATIC SPRAY GUN – Used to disinfect high touchpoint surfaces in less time than manual wiping methods, reduce disinfectant use by up to 65% and creates a perfect liquid layer on surfaces reducing drips and eliminating gaps for a cleaner, safer virus-free surface.
Areas – Changing Rooms, Stairs, Confined Spaces, Toilets, around Gym Equipment.
FIMAP ORBITIZER – A cordless scrubber dryer that cleans, polishes all hard surfaces and carpets—equipped with a comfortable shoulder strap and a selection of pads for any surface. Click here
FIMAP GL PRO BATTERY SCRUBBER – Designed to clean all hard floor surfaces, ideal for medium and large gym facilities, delivering the highest levels of cleanliness and hygiene, helping reduce the risk of infection caused by traditional manual mop & bucket systems.
To book a free demonstration, click here.
MOTORSCRUBBER BLADE 2-IN-1 SQUEEGEE & FLAT MOP SYSTEM – The Blade system offers many benefits to a gym environment. The blade is a power squeegee, with the sharp, flexible blade, effortlessly leaves floors instantly dry. If you have no floor drain, no problem, the A-Fibre cloth fits the blade and is ultra-absorbent to dry the floors quickly. The blade transforms into the ultimate flat mopping system, with built-in 3-way jets spraying fresh solution at the simple push of a button on every wipe, so say goodbye to the bucket for a more hygienic clean.
You can download our guide on how to clean your gym correctly by clicking this link.
If you have any questions about how to set up your cleaning program, please call us on 01942 834132, or email us at info@nwcleaningequipment.co.uk.
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