You have advantages when hiring a floor cleaner with us.

Choose the right floor scrubber hire for you needs from our extensive hire fleet, and be guaranteed a fast delivery, on-site training, clean sanitised safe equipment backed up by first class aftercare to ensure your peace of mind when deciding to work with NWCE for your flexible floor scrubber hire requirements.


Whether you are looking to address a cleaning problem at short notice, or looking for something long term, we guaranteed to help you find the best way forward.

Need advice selecting the right floor scrubber? Please call our hire desk on 01942 466258. If you know what you need, view from our range below.


Fimap genie xs

Lithium Battery Small Scrubber Dryer, ideal for small areas. Lightweight for handling, mobile to carry up stairs for versatility.

Numatix 244 NX

Compact Lithium Powered Agile Scrubber Dryer. Ideal for small areas up to 1,000 m². Fast charging for on demand use.


Small Cordless Scrubber Dryer with 36cm cleaning path ideal for confined spaces and areas up to 1,500 m²

i-mop xl

Lithium Powered Small Scrubber Dryer ideal for small areas and cleaning under low obstacles with up to 80 minutes run time.


Small scrubber with 50cm single disk cleaning path. Available in mains electric and battery power for areas uo to 2,000 m²

Fimap Maxima

Battery Scrubber Dryer, available with 50 cm single and 60 cm twin disk brush decks. Ideal for cleaning areas up to 4,900 m²

Fimap MxL

Large Scrubber Dryer, ideal for heavy duty cleaning. Available in 65/85 cm brush decks and orbital brush for areas up to 5,500 m²

Fimap Gamma

Heavy-Duty Industrial Scrubber Dryer perfect for cleaning in challenging cleaning applications offering top perfromance


Small compact ride on scrubber dryer ideal for small to medium applications perfect for areas up to 4,000 m²


Medium Sized Ride On Scrubber Dryer with twin brush decks in 75-85 cm cleaning path. Battery power for large areas up to 6,500 m²

Fimap MMg

Medium Sized Ride on Scrubber Dryer. Conventional disk or cylindrical brush decks, perfect for areas up to 9,000 m²

Fimap magna

Large Scrubber Dryer with twin brush decks, disk or cylindrical. Cleaning path of up to 100 cm for large areas up to 20,000 m²

The Advantages Of Floor Scrubber Hire with NWCE


Fast – Further continuous  investment has gone into building a large hire fleet and equally delivery teams. As a results this means we can get a floor scrubber delivered on-site within 24 hours when you need something in a timely manner.

Safe – During the installation process your operators get fully trained to operate the floor cleaner safely and meet all U.K. hire and safety compliance for your peace of mind. 

Best Value – Our continuous investment in equipment and resources ensures every floor scrubber hire comes clean with brand new consumables.In other words, we want to make sure your satisfied with the quality your get with our floor cleaners. In addition, in the event of a breakdown, we guarantee to have the machine repaired or replaced within 48 hours, therefore guaranteeing minimal disruption to your cleaning operation.


Floor Scrubber Hire Tips


We feel it’s essential to consider a few crucial points before sorting your hire out. So we’ve created a few bullet points and questions to answer when hiring equipment.

 Floor Scrubbers require suitable transporting to eliminate equipment damage getting from A to B. Most of our machines need delivering in our purpose-designed vehicles fitted with ramps. You can collect some of our smaller machines from our local depot where we can train staff at the collection point. You will need a vehicle with a ramp or loading platform to avoid damage to the machine.

  • Always ask for advice – Most specialist hire companies should ask the right questions before hiring a machine to make sure they are suitable for the cleaning task. The type of basic questions should be;
  • What is the type of floor surface that requires cleaning?
  • What size of floor space requires cleaning?
  • How much time do you have to clean the areas that need covering?
  • Are there any obstacles that need considering on the floor space?
  • How much and what type of grime and soiling is present?
  • What access do you have to get the machine to the cleaning areas? e.g. dock levellers, lifts, good in places, doorways Etc.
  • What power do you have on-site to charge equipment? 
  • What water supply do you have to fill the machine up during the cleaning process?
  • Where will you empty the dirty solution at the end of each cleaning task? 
  • Are there any special requirements such as health and safety risk assessments that need considering before delivery?
  • Do you need cleaning chemicals or specialist brushes, or pads?

Above all, always ask for advice and make sure you have considered these basic F.A.Q.’s. This results in ensuring you get the most suitable machine and accessories to get the job done with best possible results.

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