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Fimap Orbitizer


Orbitizer is a professional floor cleaning machine that can reach any corner, in any environment, and perform a number of treatments on all types of floors.

Orbitizer is a professional floor cleaning machine that can reach any corner, in any environment, and perform a number of treatments on all types of floors.

  • Li-ion Battery (36V 5.2Ah)

    Battery Charger

    1L solution Tank

    Crossover Strap

    2 x Nozzle Jets

    Velcro Pad

  • It is the lowest in its category, a great power just 11cm high 
  • No corner is impossible
  • Lithium ion technology
  • Discover the power of orbital movement
  • Consistently smooth results due to the 3800 oscillations per minute 
  • Efficient both for you and the environment because of the spray design for the water and chemicals
  • Comfortable and ergonomic with a cross body strap
  • Record the interventions with FFM (Fimap Fleet Management Tracking)

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Units 2-3,
Appleton Street,
WN£ 4BZ 
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Fimap Orbitizer

At North West Cleaning Equipment, we serve the UK with high-quality, authentic cleaning supplies like the Fimap Orbitizer from various brands like Fimap, Motor Scrubber, Lavor, Truvox, Kerstar, Matrix, Tomcat, I-Mop. So whether you are looking to buy or hire Professional Cleaning Equipment, Industrial Cleaning Equipment, or Commercial Cleaning Equipment, we have a wide choice for everyone. We provide cleaning supplies to every industry that wants its staff to operate in the cleanest environment possible.

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Orbitizer works with an orbital movement that guarantees effective results in different tasks, not just in cleaning. It is suitable for treating any type of hard flooring, wooden, linoleum, PVC and carpet.
According to the type of pad used it can perform maintenance and heavy duty cleaning, restoration, wax removal, and polishing. It can carry out the same intensive treatment as a traditional machine, reaching spaces where a normal sized model cannot get to, such as corners and steps.

The rectangular shape of the base enables to go up to the edges and even complete the corners. The base only 11 cm high and the slim design allow to pass through the narrowest passages and reach under chairs, and furnishings.

Orbitizer is suitable for short and localized interventions, to professionally finish small areas that would otherwise have to be cleaned manually with consequent poor results, such as small spaces between the furniture, corners, and edges up to the wall.

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