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Brand: Fimap

FImap BMG 56 Disinfector

An environment safe for people is where a sanitization treatment has been carried out after cleaning.

Fimap’s BMg Disinfector allows you to mechanize the sanitization and carry out the operation simultaneously with the cleaning intervention. There is no need to add shifts and personnel: a single operator on BMg Disinfector can clean and sanitize in one step, drastically reducing time and costs. The operation becomes so quick and easy that it can be performed several times during the same day.

While BMg Disinfector cleans the floor, groups of nozzles located above the tank and at the base of the machine spray the sanitizing liquid on the floor just cleaned and on the walls and furniture around, up to 3 meters away and in height.
Up to 3 actions can be performed simultaneously in the same cleaning operation:


  • Compact design
  • Powerful 3-stage vacuum motor
  • Anti-collision system
  • Rear view camera
  • Cruise control

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The spraying action uses the electrostatic technology. The electrostatic charge causes the particles of the liquid to repel each other and thus to maintain a constant distance between them, which results in an even distribution. In addition, the charged particles are attracted by the surfaces on which they are directed, which guarantees a 360-degree coverage on each side of an object, without leaving out gaps.

While BMg carries out its usual cleaning activity, the sanitizing liquid is sprayed by groups of nozzles positioned above the tank, and then transported up to 3 metres away in distance and height from the force of two turbines, and by another group of nozzles positioned at the rear base of the machine, intended only for the floor.

Between the aisles of a warehouse or a supermarket, the scrubber dryer cleans the floor, scrubbing and drying it, while the lower nozzles spray the sanitizing liquid on the cleaned surface. In this way the floor at both ends of the aisle, is sanitized. Then, you can move on to the central part: in this case the upper nozzles are also activated, so that the turbines carry the sanitizing solution up to the shelves.

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