Should I invest in a floor cleaning machine?

Floor that has been cleaned with scrubber dryer and floor sweeper

Keeping your premises clean has always been a priority. But amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s become more crucial than ever before. Business-owners up and down the country, just like you, are looking for ways to adhere to strict cleaning regulations – without breaking the bank in the process. And here at NWCE, we reckon we […]

Protect your workplace with the Trilogy System

trilogy system for workplace cleaning

Coronavirus is stubborn. Cleaning the workplace with warm soapy water isn’t enough to get rid of the pathogens. The only way to make sure they’re gone is to sanitise and disinfect all surfaces, regularly. This may sound like a time-consuming and expensive task. But to reopen your doors and return to a ‘new normal’, it’s […]

COVID-19: Cleaning in the workplace

man cleaning the workplace in coronavirus pandemic

Getting ready to re-open your business following lockdown? You must prepare and ensure it’s safe for your employees to return. This will involve putting social distancing measures in place, supplying personal protective equipment (PPE) where necessary, conducting regular health screenings and – of course – adhering to a scrupulous cleaning regime. Due to COVID-19, workplace […]